43 ways to improve yourself
43 ways to improve yourself

or how to ‘WOW’ your alter ego

I sometimes find myself doing the same stuff day after day without taking the time to really improve myself…

That daily routine usually starts with a walk with my dog Charlie in the morning, my tea right after and a hearty porridge for breakfast. Followed by working on my MAC in my favorite cafe and talking to the same people and eating most likely the same apple pie. And sometimes running from meeting to meeting. Once Charlie and I are back home, I am happiest when it ends with my boyfriend on the couch watching Game of Thrones or cooking dinner together.

You will probably laugh when I tell you this, but I totally love this uneventful routine.

You might ask: ‘How is that creating a space where you grow and further your horizon?’
My humble answer would be: ‘It doesn’t.’

In my eyes keeping some sort of routine is good and healthy. We have so much work on our plates and if you switch it up too much you might also run the risk of either spreading yourself too thin or burning yourself out. (In case you work too much in general, click here for my article on how to avoid stress at work.)

What I enjoy doing though is to pick ‘one new thing to do‘ from my list and to focus on exercising or experiencing it. This way I enjoy my routine, but I spice it up with a little add on to improve myself and to elevate my current state of mind, no matter what it might be.

For example when I pick #6 “Stop multitasking” I make an effort each day to remind myself not to do it. This way I practice it daily and make it count.

Plus I put absolutely no pressure on myself doing this add on. It is simply meant for me to explore, to unplug from the routine and to have fun. I don’t want to be perfect at it and this is what makes this so cool: I enjoy life and let go of the everyday pressure to reinvent myself I only want to improve myself.

Here are my personal 43 favorite things to do in order to improve yourself:

  1. Love yourself (duuuh! It is about time in case you don’t already)
  2. Be an optimist
  3. Belief in yourself
  4. Enjoy a healthy diet (and I don’t mean eating an apple next to a burger with fries!)
  5. Leave your comfort zone and try something new
  6. Stop multitasking (your quality of work will show the difference)
  7. Allow yourself to forgive yourself and others
  8. Support someone in need (e.g. help your neighbor with grocery shopping)
  9. Tell people right away when they cross a line and hurt you
  10. Be on time
  11. Admit your mistakes (especially in front of others)
  12. Switch from writing text messages to calling more often
  13. Be personable
  14. Follow through with your goals
  15. Enjoy some time to rest and unwind (you don’t have to give 120 percent all the time)
  16. Be humble
  17. Learn how to play an instrument
  18. Live with full intention, even if it is within your routine
  19. Cook a new dish at least once a month
  20. Write down your dreams in a journal and visualize them every day
  21. Toss the drugs (Why do you take them?)
  22. Start a new hobby with a good friend
  23. Go to the gym and work on your strength
  24. Work on letting go of your fears
  25. Smile more often
  26. Be kind to others
  27. Learn from your past but leave it behind
  28. Commit to honest team work and support others
  29. Skip watching TV and meet friends
  30. Get up early and do 30 minutes of sport before work
  31. Watch a TED talk at least once a week (I am truly a big fan of these talks)
  32. Show respect for others
  33. Embrace each day as a new start
  34. Work smarter not harder
  35. Ask your best friend for feedback
  36. Mentor someone who needs your advice
  37. Tell someone you love them at least once a day
  38. Try to be a flamingo (just kidding… but let me know in case you were successful)
  39. Be loyal
  40. Stop cursing
  41. Control your temper or seek help in case you can’t
  42. Be the change you want to see in this world
  43. My favorite: Hug at least one person per day

So now I wonder…
What are the things you do to improve yourself? Did you find something on my list that inspires you? In case I got you interest, read my post on ‘5 Tips for leaving your comfort zone’.
Can’t wait for your feedback in the comment section below!

With so much love,

Yours Steph

Crazy About Happy


    • Dear Alex, thank you for the sweet message. Can’t wait to hear about the results… I am sure pink feathers will look great on you! 🙂 Best regards, Steph


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