Crazy About Happy

Or what you can do when shit hits the fan

Generally speaking I am a very happy camper. I smile a lot and I enjoy being goofy and funny when friends and family are around me – basically as chipper as possible and rarely consumed with negative vibes.

BUT as in all our lives, sometimes shit hits the fan – yes you are reading this correctly- and you just can’t avoid the negativity piling up inside of you.

In my case this happens when I meet egocentric people, who don’t think twice about their actions and hurt others with their behavior, or irrelevant idiots, who waste my time with nonsense. In both cases I just can’t help myself and I might lose my temper pretty darn fast…

Now, for whoever might be the reason this is happening to you, here are my suggestions for you to regain your inner bliss and sunshine faster:

Here are my top 6 things you can do to be happier

#1: smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile!
This basic advice might sound a bit pathetic, but believe me, it helps. When you carry a genuine smile on your face your body language and appearance automatically ease up.
(not the Barbie kind of smile thou – people might call 911)

Other positive side effects might be:
– you reduce your own stress – hurray
– you lower your own heart rate, and that’s way better than eating a box of cereal
– endorphins lift your mood instantly
– you may encounter increased productivity throughout the day
– you contaminate the office with more ‘SMILERS’
– you look younger – duuuh! and that’s for free in comparison to a botox session…

#2: don’t give a fuck
Sometimes that is easier said than done, but think about it… is the aggravation, sadness or general negativity worth your physical emotion, time and health?!

Not knowing your situation my blunt and honest guess would be: NOT AT ALL.
e.g. next time someone starts to stir you up emotionally take a deep breath, thank them for the feedback or comment and simply change the topic.
Why waste your time with getting into details…

#3: go for a quick walk
I cannot emphasize enough how much this helps me in particular. When you move and catch some fresh air outside your thoughts are processed in a more productive way and your inner beat seems to be able to let go of negative thoughts faster.

Just do me the favor and walk with your head held high, look forward and breath in deeply.
This exercise simply makes ZERO sense when you walk like a hunchback, look down and breath like a chipmunk.

#4: make yourself some green tea
Green tea has many positive effects on the body, such as providing antioxidants and lowering your cholesterol. In this case it additionally serves you as a quick time out to empty the mind with the details to your situation.

Enjoy the moment drinking it, don’t think about the situation too much, just take a look outside the window and drink your tea. Again, this might be a no brainer to some people, but when you are in the typical rush of an office day, just 5-8 minutes of a small timeout will improve your inner strength to the negative vibes.

(Off course you could also run out and grab a ‘Venti sugary skim milk latte with four pumps of whatever syrup’, but that’ll just kick your insulin level and won’t help ya in the long run.)

#5: (now this will make you laugh or question my sanity)
purchase a small trampoline and use it at home! 
Most of my friends laugh at me when they see my trampoline at home and they laugh even more when I tell them I use it every day. Why the hell would you buy a trampoline after puberty?

Well, quite frankly, it is the best happiness boost next to laughing with friends and sports I encountered throughout my entire life. I do it 5 minutes a day in the morning, or in the case I get really mad and the trampoline is close to me.

You cannot be mad/sad/depressed while jumping up and down… and I guarantee you will feel the difference it makes in your overall happiness level after one month. Plus this exercise will help you to shake off negativity easier and faster. Try it.

#6: focus on the next positive thing coming your way
This is another thing I do (in connection with #2) not to be consumed by negativity and criticism: whenever I can’t shake off the dark side of emotions I focus on the next happy thing in my calendar and that just makes me feel better instantly.

For example my mom told me once again (after a billion times before) I look like a street dog as my hair cut looked terrible. Instead of getting into the entire emotion of her criticizing me, I thanked her for the comment and changed the subject.

In the meantime I started to think about meeting my boyfriend for dinner that day and the way I would kiss him. Immediately I felt this positive energy taking over and – whaaaam – I felt better. Just a minor adjustment in your behavior but a strong impact on your emotions.

So, what do you think?

I hope this article at least made you laugh 😉
Let me know what it is that you do to avoid negativity get to you?
Leave a comment below, I cannot wait to read your feedback.

With all my love
xx, Yours Steph


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