Crazy About Happy
how to live a happier easier life

Or how to beat that daily chaos.

When I go for walks with Charlie Brown, my 8 year old Labrador, I usually find myself in a bit of a multitasking chaos: talking on the phone, writing text messages, looking at emails, checking my to-do lists, watching a youtube video, listening to music and checking up on Charlie while trying not to walk into trees or joggers. (And walking a dog is supposedly relaxing?!)

However this is a pretty good example to show you that I am not even close to zen or in synergy with my ‘Oohhmm’, but quite frankly I don’t have to be at all times.There are moments at work or in your private life when you just can’t shake the craziness,
but you should still maintain a happy mind set.

We only live this one life, why waste it on stress and negative emotions.

Here are my 7 habits that will help you to maintain a happy mind

#1 Stop trying to be perfect at all times
For years I have tried to be perfect in all circumstances that life threw at me.
(What on earth was I thinking?) Take it from me: this behavior is completely and utterly exhausting, no matter what you do for a living. Give yourself a break and try to change the ‘giving your all to be perfect’ to ‘being as good as possible in a reasonable time frame’. This way you will know that you have given your best, while gaining time and staying motivated for the next task. Plus: all of this without exhausting yourself.

#2 Be kind to yourself
In today’s fast living world we are so consumed with all these tasks that need to be done every day, that most of us forget to give ourselves enough credit for exactly all those things that we have accomplished.

It does not matter whether that is in your personal or work life. Take a moment to truly value your own personal strength, dedication and follow thru. And if you weren’t able to get it all done? So what, shit happens. You are still awesome! ‘Don’t ever, ever, ever – ok one more – ever forget that along the way!’

#3 Embrace the past, don’t carry it with you
It honestly serves no one – and you the least – to carry the past with you wherever you go. Acknowledge, embrace and learn from the situations that you have experienced, but don’t let them haunt you in the present.

Write this next sentence onto your mirror in the bathroom in case you cling to the past:
‘The past is gone for good, your today and tomorrow are ready to rise.’

#4 Follow your bliss
No matter where you are or what your current situation might be, you should always follow your inner bliss and happiness as a guideline. I know this is a very romantic approach to some people, but why not? Why should you not be happy with your life, work, friends, family and whatever else it might be?

You deserve to be happy, but in order to be happy you will have to follow ‘happy’… it is that simple.
Now I know for most of us it is simply impossible to adjust to a ‘happiness first’ kind of approach over night, but you can start to change your life step by step every single day.

#5 Know your goals
By knowing what you truly want and don’t want in life, you will be able to choose more wisely between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ following your personal guidelines/goals. In order to grow your inner bliss it is important for you to learn to say ‘yes’ to good vibes and relationships and ‘no’ to everything you truly do not want to do.

(It does help to put your top ten goals and your top ten habits on a piece of paper and put them in a place where you can read them daily. You will see how much positive strength and clarity you’ll get looking at your goals and keeping them right at heart as often as possible.)

#6 Take time for yourself and recharge those batteries
In today’s multitasking and ‘always-available sort of state of mind’ it is crucial to turn off the outer vibes every now and then. You will realize that once you do this regularly your focus, mind and energy will be much stronger throughout the day.

I recommend at least one evening per week to take for yourself, eg. reading a book, going to the gym, meditating or simply taking a nice bubble bath with extra foam on top.

#7 Hug, hug, hug
This is so yea, so good, so happilicious. I’ve grown up with a lot of hugs in my family and it always showed me that I was embraced and cared for. So I love hugging my friends for a simple ‘hello’ or whenever I feel like it. It is a great way to connect non-verbally and to spread love! Simply imagine how other people you care for will feel like when you start showing them. (Besides the best side effect is that you will feel the rush of happiness in your veins yourself).

Now it’s your turn…

You are not used to this? People might think you are crazy? This hugging is nuts? Total disbelieve? What if I’m rejected? So what? Give it a try anyways. You’re not hurting anyone. And even if it might be your cranky grandpa on the couch, who never said a nice word about you. Show him that you care despite his grumpy old ways. It doesn’t have to change him, but it changes you. Please try it. You will love it. 

So, as always, what is your take on this post?
What does a perfect morning before work for you look like?

Feel free to leave a comment below, I cannot wait to read your feedback.

With all my love,
xx, Yours Steph

PS: Happiness is linked to stress. In case you find yourself rushing from topic to topic at work or even in general, check out my last post on ‘How to speed up your pre-work productivity’. It’ll help you get through your day more at ease. xx


  1. Hi Steph, this is a fun article. Your #7 ‘hug hug hug’ reminds me of my aunt, who was so happy hugging us all. Thank you for the inspiration. Darren


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