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How to speed up that productivity...

Or how to kick ass before work really works

Let’s be honest here:
Who doesn’t enjoy the extra minutes in the morning for some quality snoozing time over productivity? Maybe some needed sexy cuddling action with your partner, the latest social media updates, or whatever it might be that you cannot live without…

I for sure do, but sometimes those extra minutes in bed will make you feel like running behind all day long and your productivity slows down as well – what a f***ing drag

(In this case I really would like to thank my boyfriend who enjoys the morning cuddles a bit too much I guess… I used to love to blame him until I had the perfect idea…)

Here are my personal 3 favorite things to do to start your day in a more productive manner:

#1: Rise and shine -ON- time

What a fantastic no-brainer, but seriously does one of these points sound familiar to you?

– getting up way too late to find yourself running out of the house totally stressed, some might file it under ‘bad hair day’ as well…
– cursing in the car on the way to work without breakfast (I have to admit this might have happened to me at times) or trying to curse with your bagel in one hand, the steering wheel in the other and a big bite in your mouth
– spilling the to-go coffee onto your outfit
– where the hell is the presentation for the first meeting?

And to top it off, this isn’t only happening on Mondays but the other work days as well…

Just imagine the difference to what your day would look like from the get go when you switch your snoozilicious habits to this:

– waking up early and enjoying your favorite tea/ coffee with some breakfast at home
– listening to music/news/calling your mom on the way to work
– taking a quick look at the presentation prior to talking about it
– arriving at work in a relaxed mode wondering why your to-go coffee didn’t spill
and hold on
– what in the world happened to your cursing?!

I assume we can agree to agree on this one…

getting up on time is simply a big YES.
Plus the great idea I had and what my boyfriend doesn’t know:
I started scheduling our wake-up time 20-30 minutes earlier than necessary. This way he gets his morning snuggles and my day starts on time! Aren’t I the best girlfriend ever.
And no, there have not been any complaints so far. HA!

#2: Make a list of your to-do’s for the next day the night before

It might seem like it is enough to have your meetings scheduled out for the day, but it really helps to have a full understanding of which tasks you need to achieve during your work day.

By writing this list you don’t only get the to do’s out of your head and you will sleep calmer, you will always see the progress throughout the day on how fast you move along. To me this is a great motivational support. I simply love checking things off my list.

My suggestion
place the items on the list following their importance, this way you don’t end up with the more difficult or longer tasks in the afternoon.

And just because we are living a quite digital life these days, I prefer working with the app called ‘Wonderlist’ instead of putting things on a piece of paper (which I would regular lose or leave at home).

This app is easy to use, you can even share a list with someone else and you can mark things as important. E.g. My boyfriend knows what is missing in the kitchen as soon as I write in our list. So bye-bye excuses to the missing apples and tuna.

#3: Try to schedule your day following your own internal clock

(This might be a bit more complicated for anyone who is working as an employee at a company, but it is definitely worth thinking about it.)

As a freelancer I can pretty much schedule my day as needed, but man this took some time for me to figure out what type of daily scheduling makes sense for me…
Why? I simply didn’t follow my personal inner clock.

WTF is an ‘internal clock’?
Your internal clock basically tells you when you’re tired, thirsty, hungry or when you encounter other needs throughout the day. It helps your body to function and to sustain itself properly.

Now, whatever you do, you can work at your best following this inner clock and knowing your peak and low times during day.

Years and years did I work in the mornings from 8am till 6pm, pushing my workout at the gym to the evening. Not only did it take some time for my brain to kick in sitting at my desk at 8am, I also felt totally awake at night after my work out and couldn’t fall asleep easily.

Now I can also say I function best with 7-8 hours of sleep… when I am working on less than that I turn into a little space cadet. So my doctor told me to switch the workout to the morning hours and see how that would change my productivity.

AND WHAM! A total success!
I now enjoy my workout in the morning, preferably from 7 am to 8 am, and I start my office day at 9 am.

It’s just a little switch, but my brain is completely on when I sit down at the desk and I am falling asleep in seriously ‘no time’ at night now. So my overall productivity received a major boost and I am happy for this personal upgrade.

Now it’s your turn loves!

So, as always, what is your take on this post?
What does a perfect morning before work for you look like?

Feel free to leave a comment below, I cannot wait to read your feedback.

With so much love,

Yours Steph


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