Crazy About Happy
The why to 'Crazy About Happy'

… or when the flamingo in me came to life.


But let’s go back to my happy roots first…
Fashion has always played an important part in my life. Growing up I enjoyed playing with swatches of fabrics from local tailors and sewing dresses for all my Barbie dolls.

I simply loved the texture and feel of fabrics and what I could do with them. Eventually I started sewing some of my own clothes at the age of 14. Kinda the typical story you would expect from a creative happy heart.

So to make a long story short I ended up graduating from college as fashion designer.
It was a dream come true. And following my inner bliss I managed to work for high end designers in LA, New York, Zurich, Milan and Munich.

My personal wake-up call

Despite all the glitter and gold you might expect, the luxury fashion world can be quite brutal and harsh on people who get consumed by this industry too easily. While I truly loved working as a designer it always frazzled me with how little love and respect people would treat each other.

It seemed like everyone was so eager to climb up the career ladder and to fit into this ‘size 0 – botox – no food – mega glitz – craziness‘ that you stopped caring for your own sanity and others along the way.

To most of the people I met during those days playing the cool happy camper was part of a fake image in front of the cameras. Plus a lot of people (this includes men!) starved themselves with as little food as possible and too many different pills trying to sustain the regular 90 – 100 hour work weeks.

So whenever someone was jealous of my glitz lifestyle back then I simply asked them to watch the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’ – as nothing in that movie is exaggerated. In fact it was a cute version of my reality.

With this being written openly I admit that after 12 years in the luxury fashion world I was miserable, lonely and extremely tired of it all and as a consequence I decided to quit fashion.

It took me two years of soul searching, battery recharging, traveling, enjoying life with friends and family, plus some happiness hunting to get back on my feet.

So WHY am I starting ‘Crazy About Happy’ now?

It took me some time to re-establish what was important to me and what I really wanted to achieve in my life. What kind of relationships I wanted to build and what kind of work I wanted to do, basically what kind of life I wanted to lead. But no matter whether my new goals and dreams were part of my work or private life, it all filtered down to one major daily aspiration:

I simply want to be happy.

And having experienced so many people along the way who were lost on an unhappy path in their lives as well, I decided to create something meaningful instead of seasonal.
And WHAAAM, my idea for this website sparked and my inner flamingo came to life.

Which brings me to you

I dedicate this website to you, because I want to help you find more happiness, clarity and contentment in your life with the same little tricks and adjustments I did and still do for myself. Everything I post on this website is everything I belief in on how to make life a happier place. It might not be the latest science and it might not be the most sophisticated research, but it is written from my heart.

I belief in challenging you to rethink your current lifestyle and to ask the right questions to evaluate your daily happiness, focus and strength. And no matter where you are I will help you along the way in case you have questions or need some support… my approach is that user friendly. ‘Crazy About Happy’ might not change the world, but if it helps you a little then that is all I wish for.

Thank you for tuning in and being a part of it.
Feel free to leave a comment below, I cannot wait to read your feedback.

With so much love,

Yours Steph



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